Deconstructed Geometries

Deconstructed Geometries is a photographic series where the object made up of various geometries is the protagonist. The photographs are captured in a single shot, in a prolonged process, where several photographs complete the image showing us different points of view of this object. They are not instants but the capture of a duration, the contemplation of different points of view of this geometric object while the shutter remains open for a long time, leaving us with a latent image, a backlit image and one in the reflections of the light, the sum of all of them allow us to see from different points of view the regular outline of the physiology of the object and the geometries that make up this object, its volumes, its voids, the distribution pattern of its parts, its contrasts and metal textures, iteration and self-similarity that make it a model of singularity and complexity.

This works simultaneously capture an object seen from different angles on the surface of the negative giving the photographs an internal dynamism and lightness. The work blends the abstraction of the form and realism of the object to build an interactive space of geometries. This series demands that people look into the photographs, not just at them. With the ‘Deconstructed geometries’ project, the focus is upon how we see, and how the camera provides opportunities to see differently.

The fact of working with materials that we consider “heavy”, through showing different points of view of the objects, working with the nuances of Sunlight or its absence, with the reflections it creates as if it is from coal stains, whether it is pencil or ink, it allows me to obtain an image of lightness, far from the heaviness of iron, and thus, see, understand the light, consequence for the volume, managed through the “chiaroscuro” contrast and the “latent” reflections and traces. ” that leaves, these facts allow me to reach a result, deep down, these images are an invitation to observe and reflect.